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What will people need Real ID for?

Starting about a year from now on Oct. 1, 2020, travelers in the U.S. will not be allowed through security and onto their flights without flashing a Real ID. There will be a couple of exceptions (more on that below), but for most of us, Real ID will be the way to go....

Do Fake Ids Worth the Risk and Price?

  Currently, technical innovations such as holograms even magnetic strips make it more expensive to make government Ids usable. These are also available on the Internet. And in society since 9/11 you might find yourself in surprisingly hot water when you are caught with a...

Top Five Myths on Fake IDs

 There are so many myths around the use of fake IDs. Time after time, every jurisdiction tends to battle fake identify documents. From students to elders, fake ids are everywhere. May be, this is why you are tempted to have your first and best fake ID. Trust us, there has nothing...